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5/3/2017 -

Republicans best fund the wall or get bumped, shut the government down until the wall is funded

We the people elected a Republican ticket so the wall could be built, our politicians really do not get it. Turn coats will get it, when they are ousted for another, next election.

4/19/2017 - Revised 4/22/2017

Congressional Conspiracy to kill us all by forced vaccination first our children then adults, after stealing our homes

If you think the congressional conspiracy, promoting adjustable mortgages, that created the housing bubble for the crash to take your home was an assault and battery on the public, learn:,

watch free this weekend only -  all 7 episodes available for you to watch free today right here! Also Learn about the cover up and film you are not allowed to see at:

3/21/2017 -

Our new one party system, shame. God help us all !

The congressional conspiracy smoke screen of ridiculousness, and fake news, Russian hacking, and wire taps, designed to blind you,
as your medical insurance is ripped away, by congressional thief's.

We need to understand, evil doctors, and drug companies, control both democrat and Republican leaders, are owned by our enemies, have been for decades, and still are against the working people, especially to having affordable medical insurance.

We allowed the idiot, retard, self serving, freak, democrats lead this country since 1992 to near destruction, just to get us affordable medical insurance, Bill Clinton could not do it,even with his evil Clinton Cartel, so we let Obama give it a try. Obama nearly destroyed the U.S. but he did get affordable medical insurance for the working class. Unfortunately the sicko Democrat party spun out of reality, and have left us in a tail spin, one party system, where the old system of checks and balances is gone. Let there be no mistake, congress is against us and the plan is scrap our medical insurance, and rob us blind. Congress are dope dealers, owned by big pharma, will not make laws to drug test all persons on any type of entitlements sucking us dry. The war has yet to begin.

2/19/2017 - 

Christian boycotts child vaccines as our Presidential reelection campaign is launched

New born, baby, and toddler, and adult, vaccines containing murcury, Watch the video Vaxxed at  and the Congressional conspiracy CDC FRAUD video by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Robert De Niro, Press Conference, 2/15/17 @ National Press Club - Wash D.C. The United States will see 1 in 25 children with autism by year end, up from 1 in 45 last. To learn more about christian boycotts see:

2/11/2016 -

U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals tosses United States Constitution in trash

U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals exposes its self, as politically corrupted, makes a broken legal system decision,  . See

Politically corrupted Seattle Federal Judge James Robart ruling, blocks President Trump's travel ban, his political party, corrupted three judge follows, U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals panel, upholds the order, and stain with contempt our 3 branches, checks and balances system of constitutional law..

Robart with a history of anti law enforcement decisions, that minorities, and now foreign, non U.S. citizens deserve special rights under the law than other U.S. citizens, proves judges should never be appointed or elected for life terms, and congress needs to act changing the law retro actively.
Extreme re vetting is needed at all levels of government including but not limited to state, federal, and all appeals judges appointed or elected, with a term no longer than 4 years for any other than that of the U.S. Supreme Court.

2/8/2017 -


Macy's gets true American backing, refuses to get politically involved, and avoids getting listed on Christian boycotts see:

 Big buck films, start up launching mega bucks, crowd funding soon, for christian films inc. plan will cut filthy film industry profits by 50% within 5 years.

2/1/2017 -

Congressional conspiracy CDC FRAUD

United States will see 1 in 25 children with autism by year end, up from 1 in 45 last reports. Congress wil order subpoena of Dr. William Thomson investigate the CDC MMR vaccine study FRAUD

Repeal the congressional conspiracy 1996 National childhood Vaccine Injury Act enact emergency legislation to hold liable vaccine manufacturers for all injury, or injuries, caused by the vaccines.
Executive order is needed to make single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines be made available to the public immediately. That all vaccines be reclassified as all other pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly.  Watch:


Mr. President Donald Trump Please assure your, our supreme court nominee will:
 Protect our unborn, and born, two gender, bathroom, gun, rights. Pick the one who will not agree with the degenerates, cream puffs, flag burners, one who understands, Islam is a religious, nation, invasion, breading conspiracy, to over throw, and control all governments of the world, world wide, by spreading its Islamic control like a cancer. And can find decisions for old time, constitutional, in God we trust American values, to preserve what is still salvageable Of The United States.

Will not continue to support law against white man, or support laws for none white man if invading, or not, racial and or not religious, so called minorities, and or refugees and or immigrants.

1/28/2017 -

World press understand executive orders -
The New United States President Mr. Donald J Trump executive orders, including executive immigration orders, signed or to be signed, into law causing a travel freeze, are National security emergency measures required, at the fault of ejected x president Barrack Obama his failed for America, political anti American party, and the anti American main stream media who support them, not only because the past careless open boarder policies, but actions that have caused national and world, destabilization, by Obama and his party, poor national and international dealings, that have also caused a dangerous, vacuum of government, left from democrat appointees, staff members and hires, resigning or fired, or who are remaining so brain washed, they cannot be trusted. So causing requirements for the whole government swamp, to be drained, including them who may not, vetted visa applicants properly.

Blame the radical, anti American, flag burning, left wing democrats, and main stream media, promoting riots, acting in an anti American, anti christian, home bread commie, cream puff, fashion, and government they left, who have been causing, national and world destabilization, causing the threats to national security, forcing these emergency executive order actions.

The wall -

The wall will be built with American Steel, with American workers, on the American southern boarder, and will be paid for, with a forced additional $10.00 per person, $200.00 max per truck $2.00 per running foot of trailers, or box, at boarder crossing, drug, and contraband inspection crossing fee. Plus the 20% import tax on all imports mentioned below. We now know Mexico threats and or plans to allow drugs cross the boarder as a national policy, ends all reasonable rational, negotiations.

The billions we have given Mexico over the decades, to stop the crime, drugs, and boarder violators, have done little effect, so now watch what America must do!

Import tax -

Since nothing much of low quality, or even in many cases now high quality, is made in America any more, the unfair, trade unbalance, many counties have benefited from for too long, we the people will put an at least 20% - 35% import tax on all good coming from such countries.

1/25/2017 -

On the boarder today, and more.
Regular battle ready troops and equipment are needed, on the boarder from East Texas to the Pacific coast of California, with orders to first engage invaders, with rubber bullets, then regular live ammo as needed. A wall needs to be built ASAP, with American Steel, and American Workers, under the protection of American troops.

America fist, Hero Mr. President Donald J Trump who we are in complete support, is correct the unemployment rates are a joke.
Americans are working only part time around 20 hours a week than ever before, or have just given up on ever being gainfully employed. More Americans have opted to join the entitlement pork barrel of disabled unemployable, and food stamps turning to illegal and legal drug addiction section 8 housing blood suckers. Drug test every one on all entitlements, and kick off all fails, off all entitlements, including food stamps, and section 8 housing, then offer them a full time job, at a reasonable rate of pay, for a hard day of real work, as soon as they can test drug free.

Lock the doors and fire down to the loyal, and drain the swamp, on worthless federal offices that are not in compliance with our president, his orders, and our new congress. A strong warning to China back off stealing Ph oil.

One more thing, Mr. President Donald J Trump, please keep tweeting, about things that make the main stream media, fake news networks, heads explode all over the air ways, I, we have been LMAO, for so many months, LOL, its just keeps getting better as time goes on, you are busting our guts out, keeping us in stitches, with so much laugher watching them explode in confusion. We are not so sure we can take it any more, its the most fun we have had in years, its just too darn funny, and some times to much to handle, are sides are hurting from laughing so much.

1/22/2017 -

First Lady Melania Trump Classiest First Lady, in the history of the U.S.A.

Little American girls, and all other little girls, from all over the world now have the classiest, sweetest, smartest, honorable, respectable, American First Lady ever, to look up, and aspire to be like. First Lady Melania Trump wife of the most honorable, respectable, President for the people of The United States Of America in many decades, Trumping all the previous first ladies of history with her classy beauty and charm. The queen of England must be green with envy.
Proud to be American more than ever!

The classy First Lady out classes and trumps, the unworthy, poor gene pool, left overs, of nasty, single, or what ever, female protesters, who good American men and hundreds of millions of foreign men, cannot and will not tolerate, but refuse, and reject, as not even close to suitable, in any ways at all, but acceptable only to terrorist. Good smart, financialy secure, available, American men, now go abroad, for good wifes, in larger numbers ever. This sadly is where the protesters, and the democrat party anger, against white men really comes from. Perhaps if they cannot change, or adapt to the new America, then they should move to a country where they are required to dress in a potato sack form heat to foot, with vale, and whipped if they speak,or are seen in public in a wrong way, and put to death, if with any dishonor, or disorder, as they are free to do in the good old U.S.A..

1/21/2017 Part 2

Mr. President Donald J Trump 1/20/2017 at least the Best Inaugural Address to the nation since FDR, possibly ever. America first!

The nationist speech long over due to America with heart felt good intentions for the forgotten Americans, by more than 40 years, the time it has taken God to uplift a worthy man to the position to deliver. Hope for a nation that has been in a decaying state of hopeless, of horrable carnage, until his movement grew to win the white house for great change, we are about to enjoy.
We now watch in joy the crooked mainstream media, aimlessly searching in melt down mode of confusion, of how to criticize our new Presidents inaugural speech, and the forgotten Americans they hate so much. Donald J Trump is a God send just in the nick of time to put down and slay the evil party, and their mainstream media like he has done. with crazy  little tweets, that seem to just blow the tops of the heads off the enemy, spattering mainstream media brains all over the air ways, LOL, LMAO every day since election night results started coming in, delivering the most joy of watching of any thing ever, on the television since its creation, the melt down of the evil, maggot, media retards the funniest thing we have ever seen in our life time. Thank God he has blessed our nations next 100 days, next 8 years, and decades more to come, with much joy! Keep it up Mr. President Donald J Trump ! The future of America looking so bright !

1/21/2017 -

Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM'S) public abuse by usury loan sharking scams

Will you President Donald J Trump now allow congress to continue the public usury, Congressional Conspiracy, to keep ripping U.S. citizen home owners off with adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM'S) public abuse by usury, loan sharking, scams, to steal our homes, at every recession bubble, burst? OR FINALLY OUTLAW adjustable rate mortgages ? Or should we start stacking up money to scoop up homes for pennies on the dollar at the next bubble crash, just like the last well planned rip off, for the goverment bail out to save the banks so they could continue to rip off in shame?

The ARM'S SCAM is the most important question since congress and the President have agree to replace before repeal the nations health care program, first please stop calling it Obama's,he was just the tool we created to reach an objective the impeached Bill Clinton could not, and would not do, and previous Presidents would not do, because the banks gave all the politicians too much money.

1/19/2017 -

Inaugural Welcome Concert at the Lincoln Memorial Washington DC Starts off with main stream media disrespect

Air Force band was disrespected by all the main stream media as they talked with no count commentators,  over the band in the back ground.

Then very unfair, the main stream media seems to want to continue to choose, only, additional, parts of the concert, they like not what we may want to hear, in its completeness, as they seek time to bore us with more no count commentators, as main stream media disrespects Old Army band.

Warning to protesters: Do not make U.S. open a can of whoop ass on you!

1/16/2017 -

Main stream media, and other traitors, not only supporting but leading the racist party, that not only excludes, whites, Christians, heterosexuals, and other honorable s, but attacks them, falsely on a daily basis.

These democrats are evil antisemitic swamp monsters, proven to use the same propaganda campaigns as Hitler's SS propaganda campaigns, with hatred, fake news falsehoods, and will meet world wide resistance from every white person supporting nation left on earth including Russia and all or any other predominately white nations not with, or in conspiracy, but for the fair and balanced Americans, who many are white.

Looking back keep in mind: President John F. Kennedy on 6 March 1961 signed into law affirmative action law, the first law against any race ever in the U.S. and that race was white man.
Only days later Bay of Pigs Invasion April 17, 1961 – April 19, 1961 perhaps Russia felt affirmative action law, a great assault against white man and global assault against white Russia as well.

Only the following year:
The Cuban Missile Crisis, of October 1962 was a direct deliberate, confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War and was the moment when the two superpowers came close to nuclear conflict, from that point in time, Vladimir Putin's future over the years, arose to leadership, in the KGB, and now The President of Russia.

Continually Main stream media hides the truth, and lie so much now days, as so to eventually make people believe the lies, of the fake news they put out, by pounding the lies into every ones  heads until they believe the lies proving McCarthyism was not just a fad, or a joke, but a warning into the future of today and should have been taken more seriously by us all, and not blamed solely on Russia, as it still is today, but all enemies of the United States Of America.

Embedded deeply as well as in our media in every part of our current US government, a swamp full of Clinton cartel members, evil members of the democrat party, and other real enemy;s of the American people, they attack in the name of assaulting only  American whites, but really they assault all other good Americans, as they attack with disrespect of the office and our strong President Elect Donald J Trump in every way imaginable, on a daily basis to discredit our elected choice.

It is not new, or even news the state sponsored, Russians, china, Africa, Muslim nations, and others, cyber hacks and attacks have been hacking, attacking, and ripping off, every Private, commercial,  corporate, and government, website, email, and even by phone scams ways possible, since before the beginning of the internet, and have stolen tons of billions or gazillions from U.S. citizens, companies, corporations, and U.S. Government.
So why now make a big shame on you, double standard deal, about insulting and penalizing the Russians for doing what they have been doing for decades unopposed, with no insults, reprimands, or penalties ?

Seems to no surprise funky Obama and our self dealing U.S. law makers do not care about the U.S. American people or anything else but their own dirty, party, or parties, evil, and dirty doings, exposed, that seems to scare the hell out of all congress, and piss them off to the max.

The only difference now is White Russians under the strong leadership of Vladimir Putin, have simply been coming out to the defense, and aid, of the people, of the U.S. by hacking the evil party or parties, and publishing the wrong and criminal activities democrats and others perpetrate.

The demarcates, and media mostly are bad persons, of all color and deviate life styles, trying to bring down, the good people, of all colors, and life styles, to bring not only civil, unrest, and war, but foreign war, against the United States of America, in the name of attacking white Americans,who have been silent for decades, and have offered no resistance, as of yet, but be warned, be careful, you evil ones, do not awaken white America with the anger you are tossing around and seeking to find, hatred does not yet exist in the hearts of good Americans but a people can only be pushed for so long before responding, more harshly than you ever anticipated or expected.

As the weak, stupid Obama with his poor military budgets, bad nuke deals, and money for hostages, with Iran, as well as abandoned the battle fields of Iraq, and Syria leaving a vacuum of power, wanting to drag terrorist into the U.S. under a flag of fake refugee's status, has left a opening for Vladimir Putin who did his best to fill, and stabilize in the middle east.

Know this, Russia, and the rest of the world, would rather have to deal with an America, and a President it can respect, than an America and leader of shame, like that of Obama, Clinton cartel, or Carter, so you can bet your bottom dollar Russia likes President Donald J Trump, for very good reasons, other than any conspiracy, because our choice for President Donald J Trump, not weak, and even perhaps at times too aggressive, gives respect where it is due, and earns respect every where that counts.

Call us dreamers perhaps, but its the birth of a new world, the strong and honorable President, Donald J Trump and the strong and honorable President Vladimir Putin should and hopefully will work together as the leading super powers again, be friends on face book even, LOL, allies, and partners, fighting against evil, like Muslim extremist, terrorists, or any and all other offenders of the world, by making America first, then Russia, both healthy, militarily the most powerful, financially the strongest, and peacefully, Greatest Again.

1/13/2017 WAR -

Do not repeal without replacement 16 years of evil for not -

Q. We the People will lose again, as we did before, we allowed the evil democrat machine to grow, so we could get affordable medical insurance to match, the government employees, defense contractors, and other money printing trickle down beneficiaries continue to get the best medical care on the face of this earth.

With repeal without replace We The People who built this country and pay the bills again world get no affordable medical insurance path, as before Obama care, just expected to die quietly .
Now we see how the evil part of the Republican party, the medical enemy of the people, repeal without replace plan of Republican leaders who are or owned by "docs and drug manufactures". The plan now is to screw us on medical care, for saving us from the even eviler democrat wiggers, miggers, jiggers, snow flakes, cream puffs, and fags.

A. To put a end to the exploding crime rate, and fix social security system, fix abuse of entitlements, dump the fake crazy, fake disabled, piece of crap people collecting cheat checks for life is the answer to SS system problems. 

Drug test all section 8 housing, and welfare recipients, stop payments and food stamps to all the fails, we could balance the budget and end the drug cartels in one move.

Remove states gun restrictions, bill to enforce all states by force minimum 20 years hard time sentencing for convicted felons, in possession of a firearm, and additional 20 years for every crime convicted felons, commit with a weapon, no parole no early release, just breaking big rocks into little rocks, or making license plates FOR MINIMUM OF 20 years.

But if history proves, they will not stop supporting the maggots, but will actually breed more of the urban enemy in the section 8 housing that provides nearly free home bases for the enemy to breed more crime and attack us from, a criminal harbor to hide what they steal from us, all done with our tax money. And will not ever put the lazy turds to work. They just will keep letting them blood suck us bitterly to death.
History will show if a civil war erupts, it will turn to a race war and be at the faults of the democrat party, against innocent white persons, and house Republicans who are controlled by the medical industry.
Lord help us the people !

January 2nd 2017

Dictator Barack Hussein Obama and his predecessor

Impeached Bill Clinton "slick Willy" have not cared about Russian and African hacks of American financial business or companies over the past 16 years. Adding insult upon injury another  thing is for sure they also have not one bit of care about the thief of Americans identities, bank cards, and accounts, from puppets of Africa and Russia.
So the Obama fights back with vigor when his Clinton cartel crooked communications are hacked and exposed. Its a horrible thing to appreciate foreign hackers for exposing criminal activities of our own election candidates parties.

Q- But we are offered what other choice ?

A- Wait for January 19th when the Clinton cartel and puppet are dethroned.

December 28th 2016 - 

Impeach the 44th President Of The United States Of America Barack Hussein Obama

This dishonorable, two faced, walking turd, the Clinton cartel drug dealer protector Obama, makes numerous acts of war on world stability, poising situations for world war, dishonoring The Office Of the President Of the United States Of America. From slandering world powers with out proof of misconduct online hacking against his party, to causing the murder of hundreds of thousands of persons world wide by the vacuum of power he leaves behind to terrorist as withdrawing military stability, Iraq, causing the slaughter of 100's of thousands of persons in Syria,  to nuclear arms deal with the terrorist nation Iran, and finally not only abandoning Israel, but piloting war on Israel, then abstaining at the UN vote against Israel. All of the above creating a stage for wrold war to dump on our President Elect Donald J Trump.
We call for emergency senate hearing, and session of congress. to impeach the 44th President Of The United States Of America Barack Hussein Obama

December 20th 2016 -

Setting the record straight
The United States Of America, State electorates, vote Donald J Trump President, and over ride The United Cities Of Traitors.

We the people really do not care to hear again from our horrible embarrassment, the shamed, immoral, despicable, dishonest, dishonored, dishonorable, pile of walking dead dust, 42nd president impeached, December 19th 1998 Bill Clinton, his crooked gross wife Hillary, family, their Obama, Clinton clan, flag burning, Clinton cartel, and evil followers.

The evil party has lost, you had 16 years of control, your time is over. Good is now in control, evil will be put down, changes are coming soon, now it is written in stone, shut up and sit down, before we make an example out of you.

We do not need the sick liberals of the entertainment industry, and fashion industry, we are sick of your exhibitions of offensive, gross, immoral, shamelessness, you are not wanted or needed in or near the White House. Understand not only are you un wanted, but you will be banned.

November 24 year of our Lord 2016 - Thanks to God Giving all -

This Thanks giving day 2016, We Give Thanks to God -
We the mostly silent, and forgotten, people, solid back bone, of the United States Of America, give all glory, and all thanks to our Dear, Lord God, for all things, great blessings, of family, health, friends, and great harvests of plenty, he has given us.

Now by returning a majority of seats in the House Of Congress, and Senate, to the Republican party with President Elect Donald J Trump, let the following be known.

We the people, some times called, wild cards, non commented voters, or independents, know US, we are really, the people, of God, who shine the light, directing the path, into the future.

Like the necessary evil bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, - Near defeat and after all else had failed -
We the people, as our many issues were rejected and or scorned so harshly by the Republican party, at a more than great cost, we turned the rains of power over to the evil Clinton Cartel, democrats, and as they failed to pass even the simplest of our bills, the affordable, health care for the forgotten little American man or woman, general non pork barrel, working general public like the farmer, pastor, waitress, gas station attendant, hardware and department store clerk, deserves at the very least, as good of health insurance as every city, State, or Federal employee, defense contractor, and sub contractors.

We allowed the rains of power to be passed again to the evil democrat party, at even a greater cost, to an mostly unknown Black man, democrat Senator Barack Obama into to the White house, with a majority of Democrats. Upon on his second term, he at last, and at least, was able to finally, pass a poor, but starting point, health care system that was all inclusive, and signed into law.

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away -
What the people demand the government giveth, the government dare not taketh away, with out delivering a better, for the people, affordable health plan replacement.

Now we pass the rains of power to Donald J Trump leading a majority Congress and Senate mandate:

Keep your promisses.
1. keeping preexisting conditions persons coverage with improved, and even more affordable health care insurance program for all Americans into the future, payed for by dropping, ridiculous, wasteful, pork barrel, non essential programs, and expenditures, of the swamp.

2. Appointing Supreme Court Justices who will protect the unborn, find and reject, affirmative action law against white men, as unnecessary today, and Unconstitutional.

3. Stimulate the U.S. economy with with out, and by ousting the affirmative action law, infrastructure spending bills, that include hiring all American even white men, and tied to all moneys, defending Flag of the Untied States Of America, The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of United States Of America in every class room in every county, town, city, and State, who receive one U.S. dollar or more. Rejecting and stopping any and all of The rebel, Sanctuary Cities Of America with all monies.

4. Lower small business, large business, and personal income tax.
5. Remove death tax retro active 25 years.

6. Deregulate small and large business. Bring off shore money home.

7. Dump nafta, tarrif all imports 30%. Penalize all companies who leave our country taking any jobs and or tax money.

8. Secure our boarders, build the wall with regular army divisions out posts and patrols, asap, and order with force deport the criminals and felons day one.

9. Offer undocumented illegals, a $50 bill a free ride to the boarder, with a day back pack of food snacks, and a preferred person, certified and numbered, seeking legal status alien, place in line for a new visa application.  

To learn more, see the editors beginning history 1969, of this website and others at google:  Free education law Paulson v. Minidoka County School District No. 331, 463 P.2d 935 (Idaho 1970

Affirmative action law, ends by withholding the money in the first 100 days

Novemeber 20th 2016 - Congress, Senate, and The Executive branch

Tie to bills to keep the money away from all cities, and states, especially, of who are sanctuary cities, all monies will be tied to bills ending what was a necessary evil the prejudiced law, affirmative action. The law created to end prejudice, with predjudice ends a  process of any governmental agency direct and or, through contract, with private business, for any reason, especially to rebuild our infrastructure, highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals, gives special rights of hiring or advancement to ethnic minorities, other than white man the real current minority. This law and its use, is now an out dated not needed, and unacceptable wrongful, practice of law, in use, enforced since, the height of the cold war, the worlds largest techno, defense building, research, and development pork belly of money pumping, into the U.S. economy, period of planet earths history. This period of time in our great nation, was built on the back of white man, against white man, at the expense of white man, who is the new minority, and must end in the first 100 days of the new president Donald J Trump republican administration.

President Donald Trump, Supreme Court Justices appointees, on abortion and affirmative action

Nov 12 2016 - Nominees should agree, as even the simple minded know, life begins for plant life at germination, then animal, and human life, at conception, to be protected by the Constitution Of The United States Of America. The first detection of a heartbeat and type of heartbeat, determines this life is not plant or animal, but human life, and is guaranteed protection, by the Constitution Of The United States Of America. Nominees should also see the unjustness and want to reject the old evil, affirmative action law.

Affirmative action law to end

The affirmative action law, a UN Constitutional, and wrong law, put an end to it, the un American, only race, and color, prejudice law of United States, the anti white man law.

Election 2016, America WINS. We the people THE SLEEPING GIANT, awakend and has voted a Republican ticket and did not lose our most valued rights.


FBI director James Comey releases designed to expose the Clinton cartel, gets orders from his boss to stand down, and press release, and re confirm probes over, from Clinton cartel rigged attorney general appointee,of Bill Clinton. Has caused an FBI internal civil war on ethics between honest and good and not so honest and bad top agents with in the FBI

Main stream media is controlled by enemies of the United States Of America and have you fooled. Vote no on all questions.

Watch the fox network or international news channels for the real truth.

The Lawyer Publication, of the Law Firm Magazine,  Attorney voice, combined  National Health Journal known  world Safe Doctors, creating the  Safe Doctor Directory collective coming soon Injury Coalition efforts of the Attorney Publishing, for Legal Repair with the committed to fixing the broken legal system, by class action law suits.

Read more about the latest, injury class action from the

bariatric advocacy breaking news stories of doctors who are not being safe doctors

We ask this question to all up coming Presidential, Congressional, State, and local, election candidates,

Tell us now today what you are going to do about this high treason, criminal intent, of intentionally, misleading food package labels with words such as "spice or spices" on food packaging. The top of the century political crimes, our enemy's committing misleading food product labeling practice hiding known tumor growing, packaged food ingredients such as MSG. 

Tell your plans of how to fix the broken legal system by far the most important issue of the day. Will you also deceive us and fail in the most simple and deserving of tasks like such to be done ?

Begins with misleading food product labeling. Hiding known tumor growing, packaged food ingredients such as MSG.

We the people feel this to be our most imitate health danger. Finding it to be the most obvious, and easiest to fix crimes against the public promoting food producers who wish to deceave the public. We say lock um up.

#1.The criminal intent of misleading words such as "spice or spices". 

An intentional criminal fraud our Nations politicians have been allowing, appointing, and in general, not only permitting but promoting FDA directors who are so bent and twisted as encouraging misleading labeling of our Nations food supply products. The corrupt politicians do not only need to be investigated by special senate committees, but also be prosecuted. We call for the FBI to seek out there wrong doings, charge them harshly, put them on trial for not only receiving what ever considerations they and or there friends, familis, or business partners have received, but also be put on trial for acts of treason including at multiple counts of attempted and out right murder of the general public by attacking the public health by design.

Working together with the American Patriot Journal national spokesman repairing the broken legal system 

National Legal Journal   we are also working with the National Health Journal known  world Safe Doctors, creating the  Safe Doctor Directory collective coming soon Injury Coalition

Together we the aim to begin to fix the broken legal system. At the National Legal Journal  Law Firm Magazine Lawyer Publishing you have the Attorney Voice a place where attorneys can and will be heard on more than just here or the American Patriot Journal, but a host of  Legal Task Force sites in alliance with wall streets legal street journal, and others.

Latest post:

Some in the white house and who seem to be members of congress have declared war against the Sovereignty of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Call for Congressional hearings. Set "Emergency session of congress".  BY ALL REASONABLE MEANS POSSIBLE, block the lot of who are mostly sympathizing with Syrian Terrorists these so call refugees we know to be coming to attack America and must be stopped from entering the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The ENEMY has gained Congressional and Presidential seats, SINCE WWI. Ripping us off with adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) scams by there in pocket banks.  Then robbing our National treasury to pay off there well planned scam bank failures since before 1977. Tossing aside the old American Standard USURY LAW. Was a serious organized gang crime felony to charge more than 10% interest.

Plain as the sun comes up in the morning,
As the meth addicted jobless economic failed zombie's AKA walkers, search the streets for brains and find none. Attack innocent victim's. They Rob steal and kill. Unknowingly soon to have bounties on there heads, as well as the cooks,dealers, smugglers finally they are getting locked up and or dieing off. Congress now wishes to import new terror with more than just a generation of home grown terrorist upon US here in the U.S.A. but now seasoned Syrian Terrorists soldiers hiding as so called refugees to kill innocent non combat American citizens at home land.

note: Affiliate National Spokesman warned of impending 911 attack, decades way before 911. 

UNITED PRESS see comig soon :,,,

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We are the Legal App attorney data base of the Best US Lawyers we are affiated with American Patriots warning of planned domestic or forein seen impending threats to America.
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